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Rhone Valley Announcements

Calling all Rhone Valley visitors and locals alike! This page is dedicated to all of the awesome happenings around Lyon and the Valley as a whole. If you are going to be hanging around for a while, you should look into getting the Lyon City Card for the remainder of 2016. This will give you passes to many of the local museums and events. It may not be worth it for you, but if it is, it will be a big money saver for you and your family.

Upcoming Events

Votre Nature (salon de la Bio et du naturel)

From 13 May to 16 May 2016, Lyon will be hosting a bio lounge, and nature and wellness expo. The event is free and there are a ton of exhibitors, conferences, and workshops all throughout the weekend. It will be held at the Eurexpo in Lyon.

Les Nuits de Fourvière

Starting on 5 June 2016 and running through 31 August 2016, there will be musical and theatrical performances every night at the Roman Colosseum of Fourvière. You can check out their website at The lineup is huge and extraordinary. You seriously don’t want to miss it. Already booked are the Pixies, Radiohead, and more!

Salon des Entrepreneurs 2016

From 15 June to 16 June 2016, there will be a conference in the Centre de Congrès for entrepreneurs. It will be a great place to network your business and meet other entrepreneurs and get business tips and suggestions. You will get to see what has made other entrepreneurs successful and see if you can leave with any insight that can help you out too.

Nuits Du Ramadan

During Ramadan this summer, from 27 June to 26 July 2016, the Eurexpo will be hosting several nightly events in celebration of Ramadan. The events will change by the day, but there should always be good food and music, especially after a day of fasting!


Rihanna will be playing at the Stade des Lumières on Tuesday 19 July 2016 at 8:00 pm.

Funexpo 2016

Over the weekend of 22 September to 24 September 2016, there will be a Funexpo at the Eurexpo in Lyon. This is the only even in France that helps you develop your sales awareness as well as consumer acknowledgment. You will learn how to make your business attractive. You will be able to meet industry suppliers while finding the products and services that can help you out in your business pursuits. It’s actually pretty cool to see all of the things that other people are up to.

Red Carpet Antiques Festival

On 6 October 2016, a long red carpet will be rolled down the Rue Auguste Comte in Vieux Lyon. This kicks off the annual antiques festival that Lyon hosts every year. Featured are everything from furniture to vases to jewelry and more! If you are interested in collecting antiques, this is the place to be. It’s also a great source if you are remodeling your home or if you have just moved. Of course if you are in the market for making some extra cash from antiques, you should stop on by. The Red Carpet event also has live music with lots to eat and drink. It is pretty much a big fun party with a lot of great antiques to look at. Even if antiques are not your thing, it is impressive to see some of the stuff that are put out for sale or display. Think about how old Lyon is and then you will realize the amount of centuries that can be easily covered in an antique sale there.

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