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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest city in the Rhone Valley?

The biggest city in the Rhone Valley is Lyon, which is the second-largest metropolitan area in all of France.

What is the area best-known for?

The Rhone Valley is best-known for its wine and its cuisine. The region, les Côtes du Rhône, is especially known for its amazing wine. And the area has been producing wine for centuries, so they really know what they are doing!

Is the city of Lyon old or new?

Lyon is one of the oldest human dwelling locations in the entire world. People have literally lived there for two millennia. It has seen the Roman occupation, Ottoman Empire, Huns, Cruscades, Renaissance, plagues, and so on. They have seen it all.

Does Lyon have modern conveniences?

Yes Lyon is a first-world city, so you will have all of the modern conveniences there that you could expect. It is interesting though because there are also a ton of interesting historic buildings throughout the city, including Roman colosseums and aqueducts. There are actually still events at the colosseum, showing that the Roman building was pretty darn resilient. And Lyon is not the only city in Europe that still uses Roman structures for modern things. The Romans certainly knew their stuff as far as construction was concerned.

What language do they speak there?

While they do have a strong relationship with Italy, the language is still the same as elsewhere in France, French.

Are Lyonnais people like Parisians?

No they are very different people. Think of it in terms of different areas in the United States. West Coasters are not the same as East Coasters. You will find that Lyon is still a big city and has the same atmosphere as western big cities around the world, but the people in general are more accommodating and friendlier than in Paris.

What is the weather like in the Rhone Valley?

The weather is great! We get all four seasons here. The winters are not too cold and the summers are not too hot. It is really perfect all year. If you are big into winter sports, the Alps really are not too far away, so you can have the best of all of the worlds. And you are not far from Provence which is completely beautiful in so many ways!

What do I absolutely have to see in Lyon?

I am a huge fan of art history so this could be biased, but I think you should not get out of Lyon without making a stop at the Musée des Beaux-Arts. The museum is enormous and has some of the most amazing collections. I think it is the best art collection in France outside of Paris. Paris has the Louvre of course and no one can compete with that. But the Lyon collection is pretty amazing all by itself.

Is summer a good time to visit?

Summer definitely has the best weather to travel, but it will also have the most tourists. I really recommend September. The weather is still nice, but not as many tourists.